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A Supermajority/PerryUndem survey released this week divides respondents by their position on abortion, and then tracks their answers to 10 questions on gender equality more generally. On every question, anti-abortion voters were significantly more hostile to gender equity than pro-choice voters.

From A new poll shows what really interests 'pro-lifers': controlling women by Jill Filipovic

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Not content with founding Autism Speaks, known for its history of eliminationist rhetoric, Bob Wright now wants a president who's already established concentration camps and wants to reestablish mental institutions to go all Minority Report on the mentally ill.

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I find this frustrating. It's true that Trump's fascism, racism, and sadism aren't themselves mental illness or due to mental illness, just as Nick Starr-Street's autism wasn't a shield for his racism. However, that doesn't preclude mental illness, disability, or impairment being at issue.

Nor is it ableist to talk about this.

I've routinely self-disqualified for any job that involves driving a forklift, because my particular combination of impairments means that inevitably I would injure, maim, or kill someone. Am I being ableist against myself, or weighing the real-world consequences of placing the health, lives, and well-being of other people in the hands of my impairments?

When it comes to the office of President of the United States, a job with more power over the health, lives, and well-being of other people (not to mention the entire planet) than any other, it would be irresponsible not to consider illness, disability, or impairment.

Trump can be fascist, racist, sadistic, and mentally ill.

There's a danger of painting with too broad a brush, to be sure, but we insult ourselves if we say there's no way to talk about the mental health of the President of the United States without further stigmatizing mental illness. In fact, if what's at issue is undiagnosed or diagnosed-but-untreated mental illness, everyone's silence does no one any good, including Trump.

Mental illness doesn't come with a free pass from all responsibility to those around you, especially if you're President of the United States.

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The actual psychic toll on our mental health is crippling. The lost sleep, the grinding anxiety, the escalating fears don’t just represent squandered time. They start to chip away at your health and at your soul. The healthy response would be to tune it out altogether, but since actual people are actually suffering the brutal consequences, we cannot. And so here we are back in the narcissist’s loop, fueling his need to be at the center because, well, there he is at the center.

From The Demoralizing Reality of Life Under Trump by Dahlia Lithwick

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Trump shouldn’t be living rent-free in progressives’ heads any more than he should be living rent free in the White House. When there’s so much work to be done, cooking up schemes to “drive Trump crazy” doesn’t seem like a great use of energy. What will we do with a Trump that has been driven “crazy” (to use the kind of mental-illness-stigmatizing language that he’s into)? Will we be able to tell? Will that protect immigrants? Raise wages? Save the environment? Give people health care? Secure reproductive rights? Register voters? Stop fascism, racism, misogyny? Build out the field teams that will help a Democratic campaign actually win?

From Como Cocinar Al Pulpo Trump by David Iscoe

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This breakdown isn't included in the poll results as released (and I don't have access to The Wall Street Journal story) but according to John Harwood only 24% of Republicans, 27% of non-college white men, and 37% of rural residents are worried “that the United States will experience another mass shooting or attack by white nationalists, targeting people based on their color or country of origin”.

What's unclear from these numbers is whether 76% of Republicans, 73% of non-college white men, and 63% of rural residents aren't worried about it because they don't think it will happen, they don't care if it happens, or they want it to happen. For the sake of everyone's safety, I'd sort of like to know that answer.

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A useful example was given to us in June when a group of 30 “gender-critical” (read: anti-trans) academics, led by the philosopher Kathleen Stock, published an open letter in The Times about how having to respect the pronouns of their trans students and colleagues was somehow compromising their freedom of thought; they were then met by a petition, signed by more than 5,000 university professionals, forcefully decrying their bigotry. It is relevant, when considering an issue like this, to consider both the arguments and rhetorical tone of anti-trans philosophers in relation to their willingness (as Stock’s open letter makes clear) to treat certain of the people they will most likely encounter every day at work almost as test subjects for their own abstract thought to ride roughshod over; in relation to the fact that one of the names attached to Stock’s letter was that of Stuart Waiton, a lecturer at Abertay University who also was a candidate for the far-right Brexit party in Scotland. Transphobic philosophers often want to insist on the “merely” philosophical nature of their inquiry — but for the minority groups their thought most affects, its political force cannot remotely be avoided.

From We the undersigned would like philosophy to remain quite useless by Tom Whyman

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Why Portland? The city presents a unique mix of past and present white nationalism; policing that enables the far right; weak political leaders; and a legacy of antifascist organizing. Combined, these elements allow the far right to stage violent spectacles with few legal consequences against their ideological enemies — antifa, liberals, so-called PC culture, cities — while using social media to glorify the violence as a recruiting tool and proof of their racial and masculine virility.

From Riotlandia: Why Portland Has Become the Epicenter of Far-Right Violence by

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The point is that there is not and cannot be any legitimate debate over whether it is a moral position or not. Once you've taken a stand against a symbol that promotes human rights and antifascism, you're both in the wrong and sending an extremely dangerous message.

From The Timbers Army is Right: MLS Must Rescind Its Ban on the Iron Front Symbol by Abe Asher

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It looks like Dean Baquet is going to have to call another “town hall” meeting of staffers at The New York Times, this time to discuss how and why the head of white supremacist policy at the White House got massaged on the front page into a “young firebrand”.

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