I finally got around to finishing Our Planet on Netflix, which I'd been watching one episode of every Saturday morning but somehow fell out of the habit. It's nowhere near the best of these types of shows, but it worked as Saturday breakfast viewing.

I didn't know until I'd finished the last episode that there also was a behind-the-scenes special, but I had to stop watching within fifteen minutes. What I want from behind-the-scenes specials for nature shows is to hear from the people who actually made them. Give me someone from each crew narrating their segment, not just another endless droning hour of Attenborough intercut with maybe a couple dozen words from crew members or producers.

Attenborough has to narrate the show itself because the animals and plants, oceans and mountains, they can't narrate their own story. The people on the ground making the show happen, however, can narrate their own story. And they should be invited to do so.

#PopCulture #Television #June2019